You all know the story of Lorelei, who lures sailors to death with her beautiful song.  But what happens if Lorelei realises she’s been conned?

She, like everyone else, has swallowed the story that it’s all her fault for luring sailors to death with her seductive song and her gorgeous body. What if she realises that it’s really not her fault that all those sailors crash into the rocks?  What if they’re not paying attention, not very good sailors, or just plain unlucky? Does it sound familiar, women being blamed for men getting into trouble?

That’s the premise of Lorelei, an opera cabaret that’s been playing in Melbourne with three spectacular singers in Ali McGregor (whose idea it was), Dimity Shepherd and Antonette O’Halloran as the three faces of Lorelei – the avenger, the romantic and the realist.

The score combines classical, pop, Latin and a touch of Kurt Weill, and as fits the era of  the era of #MeToo and #NotAllMen the script is by turns savage, funny, bawdy and ironic.

A hell of a good time. If it ever comes your way, drop everything and gallop off to see and hear it.  Click on the link below for a taste.


Victorian Opera: Lorelei review


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