Another Gert competition

Shark Tank bites fail to net deal once show goes to air

A headline in our local newspaper.  We’re offering a prize of a fresh pavlova for the best translation into Mandarin, and a minor prize of a packet of Iced Vovos* to anyone who can explain what it means in English.

* see our post here if you don’t know what an Iced Vovo is






12 thoughts on “Another Gert competition

  1. Going for the iced Vovos, because although I can get Google to translate this into Mandarin, that really seems beside the point. However, the headline lends itself to haiku. Herewith:

    “Apprentice” with false teeth
    money Sharks in TV tank
    never really bite

    If perchance I win (and it’s not likely, because there’s probably more competition for iced Vovos than for a trip to Nar Nar Goon) will collect on our return to Melbourne.

    1. I’d be very surprised if Google could come up with a translation of this!

      Hmmm – your haiku is almost as perplexing as the original.

      Now now, there’s no need to fall into the local habit of mocking Nar Nar Goon.

      1. This is what Google translator comes up with: 鲨鱼坦克叮咬一旦放映到空中,就无法达成净交易
        Shāyú tǎnkè dīngyǎo yīdàn fàngyìng dào kōngzhōng, jiù wúfǎ dáchéng jìng jiāoyì.

        I like the fact that “Shayu tanke” somewhat resembles “Shark Tank” even though nothing else in the sentence remotely looks like anything I’m familiar with.

        I thought maybe there was some similarity between the actual reality of Mr. Trump’s “The Apprentice” and the reality of the Shark Tank show, given what I read about it. I’ll have to work on the haiku.

        We still haven’t seen Nar Nar Goon, so you are right, we shouldn’t say much about it.

  2. In the UK the show is called Dragons Den. Don’t know where the concept originated but, I think the BBC version is rumoured to have lost its allure as a commercial rival seems to have pinched a similar concept but with a studio audience and more investors to impress.

  3. Those “Iced Vovos” look pretty good, mind you I think the fresh Pavlov looks even better. We have the Shark Tank here in Canada. It’s where some monied people try to hood wink some cleaver entrepreneurs out of a significant portion of their investment by offering financial backing to bring their ideas to market. Looks like it fell flat in Australia.

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