Crane Mansions review


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In terms of literary comparisons, I saw the name Roald Dahl, but I’d also throw in the Lemony Snicket books–although I think Crane Mansions is superior. This is really a very, very funny story–a beguiling blend of Victorianism with the temptations of the modern world…

so says Guy Savage on his blog His Futile Preoccupations. You can read Guy’s review here:

6 thoughts on “Crane Mansions review

  1. Congratulations on a terrific and well-deserved review. I thought the discussion on Guy’s blog, which places Crane Mansions in the field of children’s literature, was interesting. That wouldn’t have occurred to me, but then I don’t know the Lemony Snicket books.

  2. Thanks Dorothy. We were delighted by Guy’s response as we were doubtful about his reaction to this kind of thing, and we do value his opinion. Lemony Snicket is more innocent and less literary than Crane. As you know, part of the pleasure is in recognising the deliberate pastiche of Victorian tear-jerkers. Gabrielle had been on a bit of a Wilkie Collins binge just before we wrote this and I think it shows!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Guy’s review, and the book sounds great fun. Guy’s description of a certain character reminded me a little of one of the stars of Jonathan Coe’s satire What a Carve Up!/The Winshaw Legacy. Wishing you all the best with it.

  4. Thanks Jacqui. I saw your comment on Guy’s blog re the Winshaw Legacy and I remember your review of it. These cut-through characters with a surplus of chutzpah are always fun, aren’t they?

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